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Streamside Furled Leaders
Handcrafted Furled Leaders & Tenkara Lines are custom
built just for you!
Streamside Leaders
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I use one side for leaders and lines
and the other for pre tippet tied flies.

Each side has 5 3" X 4" zip lock bags.
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We are now offering Sighters in 37 colors on either the
Tippet or Butt end of our Mystic Creek Guide Series Leaders.
Also available on the Tippet End of our Mystic Creek Guide Series Tenkara lines.

These leaders are available in both Western and Tenkara styles.

The Mystic Creek Guide Series Leaders are furled with 3 legs instead of the

traditional 2 legs. This results in a leader that is rounder, denser and smaller in diameter.

The Mystic Creek Guide Series advantages are:

They cut thru the wind better.

Better Precision & Presentation - Better floatant retention

Streamside Floatants
We now have 3 new Floatants.
Organic Beeswax Leader Floatant
Leader and Fly Gel Floatant
Dry Fly Floatant & Desiccant Powder

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Weight Forward Tenkara Lines
Mystic Creek Tenkara 8-20 foot lengths
$17.98 - $22.98
Kevlar Tenkara 8-36 feet
$14.98 - $37.98

The Story

Not many anglers have even heard of much less used a furled leader, but they have been around for centuries. Their origins reach back to the early days of fly fishing when fly lines were woven from horse hair. The process used to create those early fly lines is very similar to the way we manufacture a modern furled leader today. Today we now have a wide variety of materials that gives the modern day furled leaders unparalleled performance, accuracy and make them a joy to cast.


Try one today. You'll never go back!

The Advantages of using

furled leaders


Kink resistant

Not prone to wind knots

Extremely smooth turn over

They have virtually no spray

Superior in shock absorption

Very supple, virtually no memory

Land on the water like a dragonfly

Tapered smoothly from butt to tippet

Durable, they last for seasons, not days

Turn over longer tippets and larger flies

Solid core not hollow like braided leaders

Cleaner, they collect less grass and pond scum


First Glance

When you first remove the leader from its package one of the first things you will notice its remarkable lack of memory. The taper from the butt to the tippet end is smooth and continuous. Whether you get one of my Mystic Creek, Uni-Blend, Bi-Filament, Monofilament, or a Spectra Super leader you will see that the have virtually no memory like knotted or tapered monofilament leaders exhibit. Take a furled leader by the butt end,  give it a snap and watch as it rolls out just like a well cast fly line.


The Ends


All my leaders have a smooth Shorb loop woven in the butt end. The tippet end is finished with a small Black Alloy tippet ring. Shorb loops on the tippet end are available upon request.


Tippet Rings


I use the following size Black Alloy tippet rings on my leaders


0-2 wt. 1.5 mm  2-4 wt. 2.0 mm  4-6 wt. 2.0 mm

6-8 wt. 2.0 mm  8-10 wt. 2.5 mm

Tenkara Lines 2.0 mm


These are just my standard sizes.

I carry 10 different sizes for you to choose from.


Round Black Alloy Tippet Rings

1.5 mm  2.0 mm  2.5 mm  3.0 mm 4.0 mm


Also available:

Pear Shaped Teflon Coated

Black Alloy Tippet Rings

2.7 x 3.5 mm  3 x 4 mm  3.5 x 4.4 mm

Maximize your tippet ring with a minimal amount of size and weight


Oval Tippet Rings

2 x 3 mm  3 x 4 mm


#18 Micro Swivels


Contrary to some opinions tippet rings are not a gimmick. They help protect the tippet end of the leader from cuts and nicks during tippet changes. They make changing tippets a snap (especially in cold weather). Most will float due to their small size and the waters surface tension.


A brief description of the different models we offer.


Mystic Creek Guide Series Leaders and Tenkara Lines


The Mystic Creek Guide Series Leaders are our Flagship product line. Our highest quality furled leader.

The Mystic Creek Guide Series is the highest quality thread based leader on the market today.

The Mystic Creek Guide Series Leaders and Tenkara lines are crafted with 3 legs instead of the traditional 2 legs.

The advantages of making a leader with 3 legs are:


They have a rounder cross section that is more tightly furled and smaller in diameter. This also makes The MC Guide Series denser which enables it to preform better in the wind. The MC Guide Series leader has an 8 step taper which makes it 30% smoother than it's 5 step, 2 leg counterpart. The MC Tenkara Line has an 11 step taper.


Mystic Creek Premium Leader Series


The Mystic Creek Leaders are our premier product line.

They will present a fly with more finesse and accuracy

than any other leader currently on the market today!


Mystic Creek Leaders are constructed from a high quality polyester thread and premium grade monofilament. The polyester and monofilament used in The Mystic Creek leaders is about half the diameter used in my discontinued "Uni-Blend" leaders. The leaders use about twice the amount of thread than my Uni-Blend leaders which results in a leader with a tighter furl and a smooth silk like texture. The "Mystic Creek" polyester is more of a continuous bonded fiber which results in a sharper less fuzzy leader. 

You have 38 colors to choose from. You can pick 2 colors for each leader.


Bi-Filament Leaders


Bi-Filament Leaders are a multi filament leader using a 50/50 combination of Mystic Creek Polyester  and Premium monofilament just like our Mystic Creek leaders. The difference is that there is a mix of premium monofilament and Uni-Thread in the butt and mid sections of the leader with a fade to clear monofilament at the tippet end. Bi-Filament leaders are a bit stiffer and will cast a heavier fly a bit better. They also perform better in the wind as well.


Monofilament Leaders


My Monofilament leaders are made from various colors of a premium grade monofilament.

They are also available in the following colors:

Clear, Cajun Red, Smoke Grey, Chartreuse and Amber Leaf Camo.

The Chartreuse and Amber Leaf Camo colors are only available in (6-8 wt.) leaders and heavier


    Spectra Super Leaders


Spectra Super Leaders are just that! If you are looking for the ultimate in strength or fishing in heavy cover and brush, this is the leader for you!!! Made from Spectra/Dyneema Super Braid, Spectra Super Leaders are super strong, super sensitive and super abrasion resistant.

Their diameter is similar to their monofilament counterpart, just a bit thicker.


Their tippet break strengths are as follows:
2-4 wt. 30# 4-6 wt. 48#   6-8 wt. 60#
8-10 wt. 90# 10-12 wt. 120# 12-14 wt. 180#

My Leaders


At Streamside all my leaders are hand crafted by myself at the time of purchase. Furled leaders are much more versatile than standard monofilament leaders, they will generally work well with 3 different fly line weights. I have used a 4-6 weight furled leader on my  3 - 5 and 8 weight rods all with good results. And believe me I am not an expert caster, fair to good describes my casting.